Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful..

That I can cut and dye my own hair whenever I want
That things are going swimmingly while my boss is on his vacation
For the new wine bar and restaurant that just opened nearby. To die for!

For all the fun things coming up next week, like:
High Tea at Brambleberry Cottage with Mom and Sisters
Wine Tasting at the Arbor Crest Cliff House
Trying out the food at Greenbriar Inn (and hopefully choosing them to do our wedding food!)
Nate's pizza and wings
Hugging my mom
Watching a ton of movies
Having Andrea cut my hair
Hanging out joking around with my brothers (Brad, Nick, Jeff, Pete, Jacob)
Getting Rachelle out of the house without the kiddos
Playing Poker and various other games
Going dress shopping with my sisters (and Mom?)
Getting up early and having tea on the deck with Dad
(Nick reminded me that it's going to be way too cold to be doing anything on the deck :P)
And that I'm getting into a sleep routine. It's kinda nice having a set schedule for two weeks! 

You can glimpse my dorkwolf tattoo before it was finished in the above picture.
I adore Sword in the Stone.. I have Archimedes the owl too~
he and the wolf are my two favorite characters!
Also a peak at my stick figures tattoo on my wrist.
She's feeling low so he's cheering her up with a daisy. Cute, no?
Everyone always thinks it's a bicycle. I guess I can see that..

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