Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wine Bottle Ideas

I've been collecting wine bottles. I wanted to use them for our wedding.. when I thought we were having a winery wedding. Now I've gotten it in my head to use them for lighting and decorating our outside space. Oh, I haven't told you about that yet, have I? We have this little flat space nestled into the side of the hill next to our house (which is on top of the garage, also nestled into the side of the hill). It has an old fireplace at one end. We want to make it into a cozy space for bbqs, dinner parties and just hanging out in the warmer weather. Anywho, these are some rad ideas I've come across in my search for inspiration for our special outdoor spot. I admit it, I was watching Hoarders: Buried Alive today and subsequently looking around thinking about what I've been 'collecting.'

image linky: one two three four


  1. All those ideas are sweet.

    It just sucks that a lot of them seem hard to make - you'd need the proper tools.

    I hate getting ideas which I can't create!

  2. Lol Dori, I suppose I take it for granted that my fiance has a wet tile saw lying around.. and is a total MacGuyver! ;)

    But that's part of the fun! Finding ways to make it work. :)

  3. You're lucky!

    And thanks so much for buying a print!
    I'm stoked. I e-mailed you just now on your paypal e-mail. I hope you get it. :)


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