Monday, March 21, 2011

Homemade French Dip

Shawn has got me HOOKED on homemade French Dips. So simple to make!

Want to make one? You need deli sliced roast beef, a french roll, sliced provolone cheese, Au Jus (we use this kind) and butter/mayo if you so desire.

Ready? Ok!
-Heat a skillet to medium-high.
-Melt a bit of butter in there if you wish.
-Put the roast beef in the skillet one slice at a time.
-It only takes a couple seconds to sear~ as soon as it starts changing color flip it or get it outta there.
-Once you've got your pile of nice hot beef on a plate, put the cheese on top so it can start melting.
-Grab your roll and toast it in the pan (with or without buttering it.)
-Then toss the Au Jus mix in the pan with some water and bring it to a nice simmer til it's the consistency you want.
-While it's cooking assemble your sammie. (This is where the mayo comes in if you like. I usually do either mayo or butter.)
And there you have it!

Be careful, these things are dangerously comforting and addicting!!!

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