Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Answers and Solutions

Today I'm thankful for the answers and solutions that always end up presenting themselves to me.
Take the issues discussed in my woeful post a few days back, for instance.

San Francisco trip- I'm thankful we've decided to go. I found a great hotel at a good price, and Teresa and I have both been behaving ourselves in the money department so that we can have some culinary and shopping adventures. We'll make it work, and we'll have a tremendous time together!

Our relationship- I'm thankful that we had a nice long talk and as usual, he's full of surprises when it comes to being willing to work on things.
We are going to work on bridging the gap between our communication and prioritizing differences, and continue to grow together. We are going to talk about our priorities and work on one thing at a time. We're also going to try to have more fun just for the sake of fun- because relationships ARE a lot of work, but it's worth it when you make time to remember why you're in one.

I know better than to say that I will never be a happy person, and I'm thankful for that. Sure I have low times and insecurities, but I can still be content, inspired and happy.

Being an adult is a pain in the ass. But at least I have all kinds of freedom of choice. I'm very thankful for that!

I'm also thankful for:
Marathon movie sessions
Fresh wildflowers
Getting back into a book series I read as a teen and loving it more now
Pedicures with PLP
Chocolate Martinis at Ambrosia in Spokane Valley {pictured above}

What's got you smiling today?

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  1. I really enjoyed reading what you are thankful for. What's making me happy? The amazing brunch that I had with my husband and friends this morning. I had macadamia nut pancakes and cornflake covered French toast. It was sinful! The French toast tasted like a doughnut.


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