Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Simply Ten Good Things

Thanks to SouleMama, for the inspiration!

1.Cheesy Hashbrown Bake (I added panko and ham, and used cream of chicken soup.
With a couple fried eggs and some parsley on top: yum! Recipe here)
2.Playing with my sister's beautiful hair
3.Wearing flair at work
4.Naturally farmed (and cool-looking) tomatillo
5.Silly brothers who ambush me for pics during breakfast preparations

Not pictured, but still simply good:
6.The way springtime air caresses your body and senses
7.The smell of a book, new or old
8.The way just the right pen improves your handwriting
9.Inside jokes
10.Anticipating goodies in the mail
11.A nice frosty beer as a reward after a long day of work and a nice workout
(you know I'm a rebel and love the number 11, I couldn't stop at 10!)

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