Friday, April 15, 2011

Surprise Date Night

Yesterday Honey planned a date for us all by himself. I had no idea what to expect!
{I love his 'what's that thing you're pointing at me' face in the above pic!}

He took me to Boomers to play miniature golf in the afternoon sun!
{And beat me horribly at it, I might add}

I love that the castle is dubbed 'King Jim's Castle!' Teehee.
After golfing we ran around like kids playing ski ball, air hockey {he beat me shamefully at that too} and arcade games.
We even got corn dogs and nachos!

After stopping at home to change and freshen up, we headed to Taste of Thai for some Golden Triangles,
Hawaiian Fried Rice, Thai Asparagus, and Roast Duck with Peanut Sauce. YUMMMMMMM

After dinner, stuffed though we were, we couldn't resist walking down the block to try a new place {Chocolat} for dessert.
Hel-lo, gelato goodness!

The place wasn't really set up for the welcoming vibe you would want when settling in for a dessert and a coffee or some wine. 
But that's ok, the gelato made it worth it!

Pistachio, Hazelnut, Coconut. Oh my!

We had a fabulous date night. Good job honey, keep it up! xoxo

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