Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thankful Thursday: May your faith exceed your fears


1. For the little Fortune I found on my front porch. No idea how it got there, but I love this little message from the universe!

2. I'm getting better at accepting change. Now to work on embracing it!

3. I'm feeling like Shawn and I are more of a team lately. Sure, we think and do things differently, but we're committed to working together, and enjoying ourselves on the way to our goals.

4. I've just about decided to take this promotion at work. Sure, it will change up my entire daily world. But I'm hoping it will be for the better for all involved when all's said and done. Plus, making more money is lookin real nice right now, with our wedding coming up!

5. I'm really close to getting back into school. I'm pretty scared, it's a big commitment, but I'm trying to listen to the advice on that fortune: my faith that I can handle it is definitely more motivating than the fear that I can't, and I'd rather fail at trying than never go for it.

6. We have a home improvement list! {haha, I guess I'm an adult now, this actually excites me} We're going to work through it together. I'm super excited to deep-clean, reorganize, rearrange, and redecorate our tiny space. And to set up our little outdoor retreat. Hopefully this summer we'll be having friends over for dinner parties outside!

7. I'm to the point where I prefer simple meals at home to extravagant meals out. I thought I would always prefer restaurant fare, so my wallet and my body are relieved that I have tipped the balance in favor of simplicity. I've got some yummy asparagus, onion and mushrooms hanging out in my fridge as I type this. Hmm, maybe I'll make some risotto...

8. For all of the love that surrounds me. So many wonderful souls in my life!

How's your life, guys? Anything making your heart sing with gratitude lately?

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