Friday, May 20, 2011

11 Things

11 Things I'm Thankful for Today.

1. That I am blessed with a best friend. A kindred spirit I never tire of spending time with.
2. That the sun is out today.
3. That my mommy will be in the same state and city as me for a week. Even if I don't see her much just knowing she's here is comforting.
4. For courage to experiment with cooking new things.
5. That everything is going fabulously at work, and I feel GREAT about my decision to move up.
6. That I have learned SO much about interacting with and motivating people over the last couple years.
7. For the friends and family I have scattered across the continent. More than I have time to visit!
8. For the camera I'm planning on buying in the next couple months.
9. That I get to go to a wedding tomorrow! I love weddings!
10. For my new face wash. My skin is so much happier!
11. For my blog. It's nice to have a place to record, reflect, and vent.

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