Monday, June 6, 2011

Bachelorette Girls' Weekend

Tonight we're having a girls night to make some fun plans for my plp's bachelorette.
I'm stoked because she is the anti-bride. No boring bridal games or frilly decorations!
(She wants to play drinking games!)

We're going to stay in a rad house in Palm Springs for a weekend.
It's going to be HOT (the end of July!) so we'll probably be drunk and trying to stay cool (hello, pool!) and hydrated the whole time.
How fun would it be to have a water balloon or squirt gun fight?

I'm thinking about making Oreo Truffles. And these cookies would be a super fun surprise!
And oh, how cute are these signs??

Oh yeah, we'll have to eat actual food too, won't we? The other girls seem to be pretty excited to cook, but I've got a few ideas too.
Like this salad, and this pasta. Refreshing!
Oh and these are definite easy morning crowd-pleasers as well.

For decorations, Teresa bought this awesome banner already. Love it!
Also loving this bunting made out of fashion magazines.

Can't wait! What's your favorite girls' night activity or recipe?

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  1. Hello!

    Hope you ladies had a fun night planning. Girls weekends are the best – um, such a distant memoery for me now but I'm sure I have photos to prove it!

    Nothing better than a ginormous dinner and wine at an ace restaurant/bar. Then cycling home singing. But I'm not advocating drink driving. But riding bikes on hot nights is the best.


    PS. Sorry not been visiting as much lately – not been online much :)


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