Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I Want...

I want to wake each morning in a space that feels clean, cozy, uncluttered, inspiring. Not just a physical space like that, a mental one too.

I want my daily activities to fill me with a sense of gratitude. For life, for people, for my place in the big picture.

I want to make impacts on the people around me. I want them to be better and to feel better because of our interactions.

I want to follow my bliss, to let that be the one rule of my life I do not question.

I want to share experiences, growth, love, and moments with my man.

I want to sink in to the daily things that really make life sing- the cups of tea, the fresh air, the notes played on a familiar piano, the delicious flavors crossing my tongue, the bits captured with my camera, the moments that slip by so easily when I am obsessed with what's next.

I want to be near family. I want to drop in for dinner, or a cup of tea in the morning, or an afternoon bike ride. I want to collaborate, to comfort, to laugh, to cherish the togetherness.

I want to explore this fascinating world of ours freely. I want to discover more about who I am through the places I go. I want to feel the soul of the planet pulsing through the vast differences in culture and geography.

I want to grow. I want to embrace the change that is part of a healthy life. I want to celebrate each birthday knowing I am the best version of myself yet. I want to learn to cling to the beautiful parts of myself and life.. they are always there to be found, in the midst of the clutter and decisions and challenges.

I want to remember the words of a dear brother, words that remind me that the best way to feel blessed is to give. Words that remind me that happiness is simply a choice to be made.

What do you want for your life?

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