Friday, June 10, 2011

What's Not to Love?

Reasons I love my life right now:

1. Family
How could I have hated on my big family so much when I was younger? I obviously did not realize it would be the best part of my life once we all started growing up. Each of my seven siblings has a unique voice to offer the world. Although we try each others' patience (or pull each others hair (ahem, that was me)) now and then, most of the time I appreciate our differences- they make things interesting! And fun. And full of love. And let's not forget I have cousins, aunts, uncles, plus entire family-in-law too who I also get to see from time to time and enjoy. I really am surrounded by family. Gotta love it.
2. Love
We've come a long way, baby. Uh-huh uh-huh. Seriously though, to be with someone for eight years, to grow with them, to have all kinds of low points that made you want to leave, but never do it, because a life without each other wouldn't be right. To question everything. To change. To stay the same. To weather every storm. To learn to appreciate the everyday moments. The small kindnesses. The rearranging of goals and dreams to make room for sharing them. These reasons and more are why I can't wait to stand with him in front of our dearest people and thank each other for all of this- this life we're creating together.
3. Friends
I am blessed to have a best friend in the world who I can talk to about anything and be uplifted. But my blessings of friendship go beyond my plp. I have friendships at work, wonderful people I have worked with at some point who still enrich me, old chums from the past I still adore, friends-of-friends I rarely see but love it when I do, and new kindred spirits emerging all the time. My world is so much brighter sharing it with so many awesome people.
4. Work
How blessed am I? I have a job that challenges me, where I get to hang out with all kinds of cool people on the regular, that isn't going anywhere, where I get to eat healthy delicious food (and unhealthy too- hello fries!), see people develop their skills, and learn all kinds of things about food, business and people that a classroom would never impart!
5. Tea
I know it's cheesy, but I am seriously thankful for my cup of hot tea every single day!
6. Future
It's going to be here soon enough. And I'm learning to enjoy the nows- those are what get away from us the quickest!
7. Home
I know we complain about our tiny studio. But I still love it. I love the nature, the views, the neighbors, our landlords, my plants, our porch, our stone steps, the morning light, the neighborhood, and our outside cutaway in the hillside, which will soon be a lovely party and relaxing space.
8. Good Habits
Getting some form of physical activity every day, and letting my body decide what kind I need, has been the best (and easiest to stick with) program I've ever tried. And I'm finaly, at 29, learning to wash my face every night. Why didn't I start these habits fifteen years ago??
9. Photography
Makes me feel alive. I love how photographs capture moments and feelings. And how taking pictures can bring you joy, no matter the camera, equipment or experience.
10. Piano
I've been getting used to playing more. Easing back into it. I've bought new music to try. I've got the number of the best repair guy around. I've learned to play a song I've adored as long as I can remember. And it's soothing. And challenging! I use parts of my brain that have long lain dormant.
11. This Space
Having somewhere to come to vent, catalog ideas, relive memories, enjoy pretty pictures, and purposely be thankful is awesome. And I love reading the many other blogs I've come across. So much inspiration out there!

What are you loving about your lives right now, friends?

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