Monday, August 15, 2011

Good Times In Idaho

Good times in Idaho with my family are a given.
There is Nate's pizza and ambushing Pete with photos...

Laughing with my sisters...

Skyla generously sharing her Hello Kitty lipgloss with me...
(I don't know how my plug got knocked almost out but didn't get lost)

Levi cracking up and trying to play big kid games all too soon...

Rock Band parties (and real airplane propellers on the wall. How cool is that?)

Mom double-fisting Mike's Hard Mango Punch...
(Painting by Andrea)

Jacob hammin it up constantly...

Leisurely morning/all day game playing...

And of course, matching outfits. (Excuse the blur, had to post anyway :)

Only three more months til my next visit!

Cast of characters:
1- Peter- brother #4 of 5
2- Andrea- sister #3 of 3
3- Skyla- daughter of Rachelle
4- Levi- son of Rachelle
5- Rachelle- sister #2 of 3; Bethany- Brad's friend and my younger twin; Nick- brother #2 of 5 (well, part of him)
6- Mom
7- Jacob- brother #5 of 5
8- Shawn- my ex fiance; Dad; Nick; Jacob
9- Brad- brother #1 of 5; Andrea
(How do I have every one of my family members here except Jeff, brother #3 of 5?? Sorry Jefferson! You know I love you) 
(And Will, my bro-in-law. Love you too William Q.)


  1. How fun! I used to live in Idaho.. I didn't like it much.... but it looks like it would have been a lot better with family! xoxo

  2. Yup, family makes it fabulous. Although, you have to be in the right part of Idaho too.. It's beautiful where they live!


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