Monday, August 8, 2011

I Feel Like I'm on a Makeover Show

{Love my color here. And my short, sharply slanted fringe!}

{Love this color too, one of my favorite styles ever.. sloping bangs with a Carol brady-esqe length}

{Fiery Pixie}

 {Messy, sandy reddish/blonde, lots of layers.. perfect for summer}

EEEEE! I'm so scared! Less than one hour til my hair is in someone else's hands!
This has not happened since I let my dear friend Adam cut my hair when I was what, 22??
(That would be almost eight years ago, friends) One part of me is so excited-
my hair's been boring me and bothering me with its length for awhile now.
I thought I'd share the pics I sent my stylist for some inspiration (are you tired of hair pics yet? cause I got tons more!)

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