Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Bok Bok


For my fantastic tattoo artist. And my new Chicken, who Micah thinks should be named Tallulah (I'm leaning toward Henny Penny.)

For the fun I had with a couple friends and some hair dye. Bleachy white surfer highlights on one golden blonde, and pretty brown plus peachy strawberry blonde mixed into the existing ash blonde on another. Much love! You guys look great. I'm jealous (I'm recently allergic to most hair dyes so haven't done much with my color in a while.)

For friendships, new and old. Casual and deep. They fortify me.

For yummy wine.

For a steady paycheck.

For my new unexpected splurge from this week: four brand new tires (my first time ever buying these for myself- usually I get the cheapest mismatching used ones!)

For my mom and dad and their love, support and inspiration.

For the internet, and how much easier it makes our lives.

For yoga. It has (and continues to) changed my life and body.

For my PLP's upcoming wedding. I know it will be the best wedding I ever go to.

{image via My Backyard Farmyard}

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