Friday, August 12, 2011

Thankful Thursday on Friday Again!


For the fun party I had with a lot of my favorite people from work Monday night. It was a great success, as was the outside area which is pretty much finished. It was so nice to hang out by the fire with the stars and the lanterns twinkling overhead!

In advance for the future gatherings that will take place out there in the special hillside nook.

For the support I get at work. For the fact that my job keeps getting easier. For making my own schedule. For my new staff. For liking my work. For being paid to learn.

For my plants. They keep me grounded. I love my watering time. So peaceful and green.

For my Mustang. She's a good car. She gets me where I need to go. And for the rebuilt engine I'll be putting into her soon!

For all the wonderful writers in the world. There is seriously something for everyone. I love getting lost in stories.

For my upcoming travel plans. Portland, Oregon. Italy. Ireland. San Francisco again. And of course Idaho! Including for Christmas!

For my nice quiet little house. I love coming home.

For my new haircut. It's fun to look in the mirror and see the unexpected. And it's nice to know I can trust others with my image.

For my tattoo appointment in a couple weeks. So happy to be getting back on the wagon!

For the variety of awesome restaurants and grocery stores around me, and for the free, healthy nosh I get at work. I am never in want for deliciousness!

For all the inspiration to be found in the blogosphere.

What are you thankful for today?

{Photo by brother Brad- last summer at the beach :) }

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