Sunday, September 18, 2011

It's Ok..

Sometimes, it's ok to not feel good enough.

It's ok to not be chosen.

It's ok to not understand or be able to define something.

It's ok to not be crazy about what you're doing for a living at the time.

It's ok to not know where things are headed next.

It's ok to feel confused.

It's ok to feel left out.

It's ok to not love everyone you have to spend your days with.

It's ok to not ever get your to-do list completed.

It's ok to accept life not being perfect.

It's ok to feel jealous.

I'm learning to accept ALL of my thoughts, feelings, uncertainty and fears.

They are just a part of life, after all.

Telling myself it's ok helps. :)

{Photo: my dear friend Adam, who just got that beautiful Om tattoo recently. Love it!}

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