Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Manifesto: 11 Things

If I only do eleven more things in this life, I want them to be:

1. Ireland, Prince Edward Island, Italy (I know those are technically separate things, but the list got too long ;)
2. Learning the piano again, and better than before.
3. Having a 'real' camera, and getting lost often in taking beautiful pictures.
4. Living a quiet, simple, country life in between adventures.
5. Being surrounded by family regularly.
6. Taking care of myself and my family financially.
7. Being in love- love that makes me feel alive, and desperately happy to be so.
8. Making life here on Planet Earth better.
9. Living authentically, without apology- being fully myself.
10.Collecting as many beautiful tattoos as I want.
11.Broadening my horizons and stretching my imagination by reading often.

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