Monday, September 12, 2011

Simply Ten (More) Good Things

This shirt...

Red sky at night in my car mirror...

Honey for my Lavender French Breakfast tea at a favorite spot (Cafe Chloe)...

A really good syrah (made even better by their sponsorship of annual rock-paper-scissors championships!)

A perfect Sunday afternoon (Have you read this yet? Do!)

Pear tart time again, this time double the deliciousness!

This adorable 'angry' baby... {found here}

Discarded items from a rainy day creating an impromptu kitty beach scene!
{by Moriah Angeline}

The shoes of glorious awesomeness I get to wear for my PLP's wedding {next Saturday! eep!}

Feeling pretty and sassy for girls' date night...

Beautiful sky scenery thirty seconds from my house at my local market. {You know I had to break the rules and do 11!}

{source of inspiration for these posts}
{more good things}

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