Friday, September 16, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Friday Night

thankful for.

_how pretty my house looks right now with the fresh from the farmers market flowers everywhere

_how soft and pretty it looks and feels with all the candles i lit all around

_unexpected plp time

_having a best friend who gives me perspective on everything in life, always right when i need an adjustment the most

_still having my childhood piano in my house, in my reach

_playing my favorite song ever on that piano and just getting lost in it

_the world of opportunities i have available to me for my next step

_having so many wonderful people in my life, i am never ever lonely

_a roof over my head, a home that feels like home, a sanctuary i can't wait to return to every night

_breaking down, admitting i can't do it all, and then picking myself up and dusting myself off and trying again

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