Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Now and Later


Family (I get to see a sister and brother this Sunday, and meet my new baby I-almost-called-her-niece-because-her-mother-my-cousin-Tina-is-like-a-sister-to-me!) Friends (and the many kinds of them). Food (Karl Strauss 'Dirty Bird Mac n Cheese' ain't too shabby). Relaxing after a long day. Feeling like I'm doing a great job. An awesome tattoo artist who was worth the wait. Still having the piano I played as a teenager. Wine (especially when it's really good and I got it on sale).

In Advance:
Gardening beautiful healthy happy plants. More money (at least twice my current income). Travel (Idaho for Thanksgiving and Christmas, Vancouver,B.C. for my thirtieth birthday (1/11 but going in Feb), Ireland next September. And at some point, Vancouver (Washington this time) to visit my sister and her family, Big Sur to camp, New Orleans, Franklin, Paso Robles to visit my cousins (and wine taste and skydive), England (and San Francisco again) with my PLP, Amsterdam, Prince Edward Island... I could go on and on!~) Living independently for the first time in my life and loving it. A reliable car. My own home: organized, clean, fun, welcoming. More rad tattoo art to carry with me. Finding other home bases outside of San Diego. Figuring out where my skills and interests take me professionally. A 'real' camera and expanding my photographic skills.

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