Friday, September 30, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Right Now

Gratitude List:

~Girls Nights (and talking for hours)
~Tasty cocktail concoctions (Coconut Mint Mojito? Yes please!)
~Old Faithful eating establishments (especially when they have good salad)
~Old friends (like bad pennies that always come back)
~Progress (at work and inside my head)
~Money (having it, getting it, spending it)
~A home that feels like one
~Having my closet cleaned out and organized (I smile every time I look in there now)
~New Kindred Spirits
~Travel plans (Idaho; Idaho; Vancouver, B.C; Idaho; and Ireland in the next year so far)
~Getting paid to learn and grow
~How much better I feel when I avoid ingesting sugar
~Reading several books at a time because they are all so good I just can't decide

1 comment:

  1. coconut mint mojito and a clean closet? that's my idea of heaven!


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