Sunday, November 13, 2011

Home and Solitude

Tonight I find myself very content and grateful.

I realize as I pursue my various adventures that things must change.

I must let go of some things to make room for new ones.

One of the things I will not be able to hold onto forever is my home.

My home feels like me. It feels safe, clean, and comforting here.

I love living on my own. I love having a space all to myself.

I love playing whatever music I like, at any time.

I love coming home after a long day and being able to use my space however I wish.

I love cooking in my own kitchen, only having to clean up my own mess, and having everything just as I left it when I open my fridge.

I love all of my plants. All along the steps, on my porch, outside my window. Some of them have been with me for years, others are new friends.

I love the art on my walls, the art I have yet to hang, and the photos of loved ones I have around. They all remind me of good times, people I love, and of the inspiration and talent in the world.

I love having nice, stable neighbors. I love having easygoing, pleasant landlords.

I love my wood floor. I love my air conditioning. I love my blue counter tops and white cabinets.

I love all of my windows. I love the light they let in, and the sunrises I witness almost daily.

I love my sleepy little neighborhood.

I love that my local healthy market is a 30 second drive or a 10 minute walk away.

I love being able to watch any movie I please, whenever I please.

I love being able to walk around in whatever getup (or lack thereof) I feel like wearing.

I love having quiet. I love being able to just sit and think when I want to.

I love all of my books, and that I can read any of them without distraction.

Don't get me wrong, I love people. There are so many wonderful people in my life.

But I really, really love me some solitude in my own home. It's a dream come true.

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