Monday, November 7, 2011

My Weekend: Rain or Shine

Friday: Work. Meetings. Rain. Carrot-tomato soup (I can't get enough!) A glass of wine with a couple chicks at a new-to-me spot.
Up way past my bedtime drunk off of said glass of wine.

Saturday: Acai bowl. Work. Feeling guilty and nostalgic and distracted because of news that my Grandma is rapidly deteriorating.
Sunshine. A nice chat with a sister. Late night Pho and a bottle of wine with one of my oldest best buds.

Sunday: Research (semesters abroad, work visas, and the like). Lots of rain. Bummin about everyone being busy.
Lunch (and cheating by eating pasta- mac and cheese, perfect for a rainy Sunday!) by myself at my favorite cafe.
Reading a new book. The gym. Drinking beer alone at home and watching a scary movie
(most people would laugh at that description- it's not supposed to be scary I guess :P ) Finding fun new blogs to follow.

All in all it was good. How was yours?

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  1. Carrot tomato soup sounds lovely! I've had a rather quiet weeekend. x hivenn


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