Friday, November 18, 2011

Silver Linings

Well, bloggy friends, I'm tired. {As evidenced by this poorly edited photo)

I've got some kind of flu, and I haven't worked out in two days.

I'm lonely (does it ever seem like everyone wants to hang out when you can't and as soon as you're available they all disappear?
Hello, my last few weeks.)

I worked almost a 12 hour day (how do doctors and nurses who save peoples' lives do even longer shifts??) and I get to work the next three days too.

I will have zero time to pack for Idaho and will end up doing it the night before I have to get up at 4am to go to the airport.

I'm going to the snow,  have lost all of my snow gear, and have no time or money to replace any of it.

My Mustang engine is taking its last breaths.

I have no idea how I am to overcome certain ongoing challenges at work, and feel this is the worst time for me to be gone from my restaurant for two weeks.

But, there are silver linings. There always are, I just have to look for them.

I'm tired, but I'm home and I can rest. And I've got loads of good movies to relax with.

I'm sick, but I will be well again soon. And my wellness is coming more quickly because I'm resting instead of exercising. Plus, it's always so nice to appreciate feeling good again after you've been sick.

I'm lonely, but I am also an introvert and a homebody. Coming home to a nice clean, comfy, quiet house makes me happy. And at least I have loved ones to be out of sync with socially. It would be a whole lot more lonely if I didn't have them at all.

I may have to work even when I'm sick, but I also get paid even when I'm not at work. And at least I have a job I care about enough to force myself to show up for, under the weather or not. And paychecks. Those are nice!

I may be exhausted when I arrive in Idaho, but I will arrive to the loving arms of my family. And Nate's Pizza. And it will be vacation, so being tired and just chillin will be totally allowed (at least for the first day!) And I have a PLP who will wake up at the crack of dawn to take me to the airport, even on her day off.

I may not have snow gear, but I have brothers and sisters who do, and I'm pretty sure they'll let me borrow some. And if not, there's always that warm fire and a few of Grandma's quilts waiting for me when I go back inside.

My engine may be croaking, but I have an awesome person in my life who is helping me figure out solutions, and hopefully the week I get back my Mustang will get a nice rebuilt engine, one that will last a long time.

I have tough-to-crack challenges, sure. But they help me to not give up. They make me stronger and smarter (in the long run!) And there will never be a good time to leave, because I care about my work and my work people.

I feel better. Thanks for reading. I hope you all are finding the silver linings in your gray skies, too.

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