Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thankful Thurday: The Winds of Change

So Thankful Today!


-A home that feels like home
-Friends who care about me and propel me to greater heights, and vice versa
-Family I love and who love me and inspire me
-A car that gets me where I need to go
-Cleaning and tidying the house after being sick in it for a week
-Feeling better bit by bit after a gnarly sickness
-Upcoming trips home for the holidays (and my wonderful brothers who helped make them possible)
-Steady income (it may never seem like enough, but I always get by)
-Taking responsibility and realizing I'm not, in any way, trapped
-Deciding to follow my bliss and pursue photography more seriously
-Ella Fitzgerald Pandora radio station
-Making my own soups and having ready-to-eat, nutritious comfort food around
-All of the amazing people I've met through my job
-The decision I made to move out (as much as I adore my house, I will be able to do a lot more with the money I'll save on rent!)
-Books. And Authors/Authoresses who make reading possible
-How comfortable I am with solitude. (As Charlotte says in P&P, "I find I tolerate the solitude quite cheerfully.")
-The internet, and blogs, and all of the information and beauty to be found out there
-Helpful, friendly, caring, easygoing landlords
-My quiet, not-much-ever-happens neighborhood
-Upcoming travel plans (I may end up moving abroad, how exciting!)
-Really good, deep, restful sleep
-Making decisions to change my path in life, and feeling good about it for the first time in so long
-The beautiful sunrises I've awoken to see out of my bed window lately
-The comfort of good old favorite movies, and quoting them with those I love

How about you?

P.s. Katie's doing Thankful Thursdays this month too!

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