Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Thankful Thursday

Today I'm Thankful For:

Christmas music
Every opportunity I get to make pear tarts
The whole family being together for the first Thanksgiving in years
Wild turkeys shot by my brother Nick
How sore I am from P90X
Childeren playing peacefully
Being home
Family cooking together all day in Mom's big kitchen
My helpful brothers
Remembering family and friends near and far
Vacation time
Quilt forts
How competitive my family gets playing games
Dad's cute speech at the table
My adorable, loveable nieces and nephew
Hearing my brothers' guitar and piano playing wafting through the house
Having the willpower to clean the entire kitchen tonight so no one has to do it in the morning
How quick I've gotten at giving everyone haircuts
Our HUGE and delectable feast
All the turkey sandwiches we'll be making over the next few days

How was your Thanksgiving?

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