Wednesday, November 16, 2011

This Week...

I am:

~Sore in strange places from trying Aerial Yoga for the first time. (Hanging out in the silks was such a joy, I loved feeling like a kid!)
~Relieved that my car will soon have a strong, rebuilt engine in it.
~Excited to be in Idaho with my family in a week for Thanksgiving!
~Thinking I'm going to need to work out every day I'm there to counteract all of the goodies I'll be eating.
~Thankful that cutting (way) back on grains is definitely helping my energy levels, digestion, and skin.
~Giggling at the fact that the low temps in Scotland are still around 30 degrees higher than the lows in Idaho.
(I've been getting my cold training in for sure!)
~Anticipating hanging lights with my brother and watching Christmas movies with the whole fam.
~Joyful to have decided on a direction for the next couple years.
~Intrigued by all of the opportunities for education I have in subjects that interest me.
~In great need of a mani/pedi (hmm, maybe tomorrow.)
~Letting go of game playing and stress when it comes to work (learning to rise above!)
~Wanting to dive back into one or all of the four books I've started reading over the past two months.

{This format was inspired by Amanda of SouleMama}

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