Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Cheer


Plentiful Mexican food drive-thrus
Wine and chillin with my plp
Movies that make me realize how petty my worries are
Being on the brink of another week-long vacation
Feeling like I don't need a vacation, but I'm takin one anyway
Learning to have Christmas cheer without buying anything
Bosom friends-the kind you keep for life
Bosses who give pay advances for vehicle repairs
Being able to at least schedule bill payments
Knowing my next month's rent will be paid on time
Having a whole restaurant I'm responsible for, loving my job, doing it well, and being proud of my team
Seeing my family for another whole week for Christmas in four days
Being able to eat at work when my fridge is bare (and knowing, if I choose it to be, that it can be as healthy as shopping for dinner at Whole Foods)
Accepting that life, and plans, can change as quickly as the weather
Reading, in bed, during the day
Having a place to call home- to be comfortable in, to retreat to

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