Monday, December 5, 2011

A Very Happy Thanksgiving, Part I

1. Pumpkin reminder
2. Mmm... pear tart crust and almond filling
3. Brad's version of 'Blue Steel'
4. Our beautiful view
5. Jeff is such a great kitchen helper
6. Homegrown peppers gave our feast some spice
7. Our Thanksgiving table
8. Princess Skyla and her roll
9. Smiley sisters
10. Almost time to feast
11. Youngest and eldest
12. Almost our whole family, minus myself and brother #2 Nick, plus cousin Tina and her daughter Lily

*Cast of Characters, in birth order:
Myself, Rachelle, Andrea, Brad, Nick, Jeff, Peter, Jacob
Tina (cousin who is like a sister) and her daughter Lily
Will (Rachelle's husband), Skyla and Levi (Rachelle's children)

{A lot of these pics were taken with my phone, but it's the memories, not so much the photographic quality, that count here, right? ;)

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