Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thankful Thursday: It's There.

I didn't feel like posting tonight.
But once I started thinking of things I'm thankful for,
I realized all you have to do is look for something to be thankful for, and you'll find it.
It's there.





Free healthy food at work.

My first full paycheck with the salary I was promised 7 months ago.

Being motivated to clean my house this morning so I could come home and relax after work.

Being listened to and valued by my boss.

My mom being in the same city and state as I am right now.

Playing chess with family and friends on my phone.

All of the wonderful things that can be learned from the internet.

Cheesy songs that make me belt them out, dance like a goon, and feel wonderful.
{like this onethis one and this one}

Finding a stash of chicken corn chowder in my freezer.

Encouragement from friends.

My brother Jeff walking away unharmed from a scary truck crash in the snow.

The prospect of another amazing Reiki and massage session soon.


{image: Hollywood Palm Trees via my iPhone}


  1. I started thanking God for the little things, recently. I have a really crappy car, honestly, but it still manages, every time, to get me to work and back (now watch--today is the day it will fail me). I thank God quite often for my little car, and thank him for something that allows me to get back and forth between my job and my apartment...and even my mother's house.

  2. I'm thankful every time my car starts, and gets me where I need to go, too!


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