Sunday, March 18, 2012

Recently Bookmarked v.3

Hi, folks. Here are some things I've thought worth bookmarking lately.

A cute lil video that made me smile: Cummulus & Nimbus

There is more to the Kony 2012 story than meets the 'share' button.

Will someone make this cake for me? Please? Now?

Just Dance.

Fascinating! A nurse reveals the top regrets of the dying.

An uplifting video about gratitude.

HA! So true. I want this.

Government explained. Frustrating, cheeky, and so true.

Quiet mornings are my favorite. Don't you just love Sophie's?

Psst.. Versions one and two

{image: taken by Sheila- our work meetings sometimes include Creme Brulee and beer! Having Karl Strauss across the street rules.}


Thanks for stopping by! I always love it when someone nice makes their presence known. =)