Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thankful Thursday- Fresh & Clean

Thankful on this Thursday night:

~For delicious Mexican food readily available at all hours in San Diego
(especially my new favorite spot that happens to be a few blocks from my house.)
~For fun 80s movies that make me nostalgic for old styles and then laugh at myself for it.
~For my PLP doing P90X with me. So far we've worked out together twice in the last week.
Holding each other accountable definitely ups the motivation factor!
~For learning to force myself to take actual days off of work and not fret about the restaurant when I'm away.
~For the delicious Sleepytime tea I'm drinking.
~For how much better I'm feeling not drinking alcohol every night.
~For the fact that I just may end up going on my first ever solo vacation in a few weeks.
Five days with just myself. Should be empowering and enlightening! And oh yeah, fun I hope!
~For nail polish that dries quickly (the stuff I used tonight? Not so much.)
~For my clean, organized closet that I forced myself to deal with today.
~For my clean house that I also forced myself to deal with today.
~For kindred spirits. No matter what I'm feeling, there is always someone who has felt or is feeling the same way.
~For the calming affects of my Basil and Red Thyme essential oil mixture
(and how earthy and nice it smells!)
~For my wonderful parents. They love us all so much, and they both bring unique
wisdom, comfort, humor and love to the table.
~For my bloggie space. It's been two years already! This is quite the outlet for me. I heart it.
~For loneliness, because it reminds me I have experienced a lot of togetherness in my life
to be able to feel the contrast so acutely.
~That women in this country have a lot of reproductive rights that we take for granted.
~For the abundance and variety of Acai bowls and smoothies in this city. 
~That strawberries and Heirloom tomatoes are coming back into season!

How about you, friends? What's trippin' your trigger lately?

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  1. I just had to stop by Bethany and thank you personally for your sweet and thoughtful comment!! You totally made my day! I think every blogger hopes to have at least a little bit of an impact on someone, somewhere, sometime in their blogging career, and you just made all this so worth it!! so thank you thank you!!
    I hope you have a fantastic day!



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