Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Satiated

Thankful tonight:

~for splurging on sugar every once in awhile, and having it feel like a special treat, not part of the meal
~for old and new friends
~for adopted family
~for the half full gallon water jug full of coins that paid for our dinner tonight
~for getting home safely
~for planning my next Idaho visit
~for FaceTiming with my sister, nephew, niece and bro in law
~for old inside jokes that live on throughout life
~for beer
~for knowing when something is not the best for me, and ending it, even though i still want it- being strong
~for pilates
~for dusk and sunsets on decks
~for new favorite tattoos
~for a quiet, clean space of my own
~for netflix, especially watch instantly
~for social media keeping us all connected
~for my two amazing AGMS (one promoted, one hired)
~for the rest of my cheery, hardworking, tolerant staff
~for cherry and grape tomatoes coming back into season
~for my favorite day of the week off (sunday funday!) for a few weeks starting next week
~for having the power to make necessary changes for my restaurant
~for girls' night
~for trying new recipes and having them turn out delish
~for how often i've been able to see my idaho family in california lately
~for the gratitude challenge i've been doing with friends and family (it's so inspiring seeing their gratitude lists every day!!)


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