Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Cup Runneth Over: My Teatime Tattoo

I'm so excited about my latest tattoo, you guys.
(Isn't my grandma's quilt pretty too, especially in the soft morning light?)

I told Micah I wanted a teapot pouring tea into an overflowing teacup.
I had very few stipulations, other than I wanted the teacup to look like the set my mom gave me awhile back.

Then I got the idea to add the words 'My cup runneth over' -one of my favorite quotes
 that reminds me to be grateful for my overflowing life.

Getting my shin tattooed was not bad at all. I know a lot of people don't like getting tattooed over bone,
but bone doesn't bother me nearly as much as getting close to (or into) the ditches (elbow, armpit, knee, side.)

The colors came out absolutely brilliantly! (What else would I expect from Micah- he's a color genius!)
I love what he did with the multicolored steam, and how he used the reds around the teacup to make it look white
(there's no color between the blue lines!)

How Alice-In-Wonderland is that whimsical teapot?? He created the fanciful  'font' for the lettering from scratch.
And the tea has Micah's signature Japanese-style graceful flair.

I'm in love!

(These images have not been enhanced- except the last one- Micah may have used an Instagram filter for it.
The colors really are that bright!)

(You can find Micah Caudle at Flying Panther Tattoo in San Diego.)

*Please do not use my photos without my permission, and make sure to credit my artist and link back to my blog. Thanks!

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  1. Gotta love the chick who took my pic and copied my exact original tattoo- on her forearm- for her first tattoo. Sigh. I'd been holding on to the design (which I drew on a napkin) for almost a decade before getting it done. Where is the creativity, people?!


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