Friday, April 6, 2012

Thankful Friday: Over the Hump

Phew! That full moon yesterday was a DOOZY for me! I have felt out of sorts all week long
and it all culminated in a day of complete misery- physically, emotionally, and mentally.
I spent more time sleeping than I have in a loooong time yesterday. Must have needed that!
I awoke today feeling new again.

Grateful for:
-Sitting in the sunshine for hours, reading, sipping wine, and enjoying at my favorite French cafe
-Realizing how much I was settling (and for how long) and knowing I'm good enough
 to not do that anymore- to expect more
-My trip to Italy with my oldest younger brother next spring!
-My addiction to Acai
-The healing power of sleep
-The ability to take pictures anywhere I am with my phone
-Seeing the finish line with my new engine for my car
-The fact that I have been here before (in this current state of independent loneliness
with the opportunity for courage and shaping my day to day life) and that I will get through it, because I did last time
-Having a PLP who is there for me through my highs and lows
-Getting lost in a good book
-Waking up to fresh air and sun
-Having an amazing family to miss
-Solo vacation looming- less than two weeks away!
-Hearing birds singing
-Learning to swim by being over my head
-When people tell me I'm good at what I do
-Reminding myself how far I've come

How about you? 

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