Saturday, April 14, 2012

Thankful Saturday: I Look at the Good Thing

I've been soooo busy lately with work I haven't made time for my little blog! Don't feel abandoned, little bloggie friend. I'll be back. For now, how about a Gratitude List? If this space must be sustained on Thankful Thursday posts alone, well, there are worse things that could happen, right? :)

~Thankful for the video you see above. What a simple, amazing inspiration!!!!

 ~My PLP (Platonic Life Partner- my best friend of 16 years.) So very blessed to have her in my life.

~My wifey. Another blessing. Can't wait for her to teach me how to fly! (She's leaving to attend Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida very soon)

~The fact that I will soon have the opportunity to learn to fly. I have it in my blood (my Grandpa, who died when I was twelve, was a pilot and a flight instructor. I grew up in airplanes. My mom and dad both have their pilot's licenses (taught by Gramps), as does my cousin.) I've always wanted to learn, but have been waiting for an instructor I feel Gpa would approve of.

~Pandora. It's SO fabulous to just enjoy whatever kind of music I'm in the mood for, whenever I want, without having to put together a playlist or buy every song on iTunes.

~Getting regular energy sessions from my dear old friend Gabriel. He's so wonderful to be sharing his talents with the world. Every session gives me new insight, and leaves me feeling empowered, free, and full of love.

~Reconnecting with someone in my past who I never thought I would talk to again. Reconnecting with a vengeance, you might say. It's like 13 years have not even passed. Happy to have him back in my life! I didn't even know how much I missed our conversations.

~My piano. It carries so many memories for me. And I know the day will come very soon that I will fix it up and find a wonderful teacher to help me regain my skills and confidence.

~My entire team at my restaurant. Every single one of them wants to be there, and wants to do a great job, and it shows! I'm beyond grateful for my work family. They make my job so much easier and more fun. And my two assistant managers are a dream.

~My San Francisco trip coming up in five days! I get to see some of my favorite people, in my favorite city, and have some quality time with myself as well!

~My family. Gosh, I am grateful for them EVERY DAY. Dad, and his humility and 'adult humor.' Mom, and her entertaining texts and freeflowing love. Rachelle, and her passion for politics and her family. Andrea, and her wisdom beyond her years and ability to crack me up with her wit. Brad, and his goofy nature and seeing my younger self in him. Nick, and his analytical intelligence and gentle teaching abilities. Jeff, and his generous nature and kablargery. Pete, and his quiet support and sensitive introversion. Jacob, and his sense of humor and sarcasm.

'Everything is a present'! Go forth, and have a wonderful day. Because you can!

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