Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Contemplation


-For my wifey. So proud of her for finding her passion and following it. She inspires me.

-For piano music. Speaking of inspiration... It's time.

-For rediscovering the joys of cooking for myself. Not having someone else to cook for is a weak excuse to not live well. (I made this tonight. YUM)

-For days off when I force myself to let work wait til tomorrow. Life is more than work (what a concept).

-For awesome blogs.. old and new to me. Especially new cooking blogs. I've bookmarked SO many recipes to try from this gem!

-For the stack of books (seven on my coffee table.. more on the shelves) enticing me into solitary contemplation and imagination.

-For making the last of my student loan payments today! Four years of making three times the minimum monthly payment, done. I feel so accomplished!

-For the many opportunities for personal and professional growth I have with my job.

-For my job being much more than a job to me. It's a calling.

-For my Regina Spektor Pandora station. It's been so peaceful to listen to today.

-That I used permanent hair dye for the first time in years today and lived to tell the tale (last time I had a terrifying reaction to the ammonia and ended up in the ER). Plus my color looks fab!

-For the calm that comes over me when I spend time watering my plants.

-For my upcoming visit to Idaho.

-For my glasses. Sure, I can't wait to get laser surgery. But in the meantime, I look cute and nerdy, and I can see.

What are YOU thankful for today?

{image: deep thoughts in the winery restroom during my visit to Santa Cruz}

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