Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Thankful Tuesday: Reconnected

How killer was that super moon last weekend??

I felt my energy pulled in all sorts of different directions in the week leading up to it.

I was in full on GO mode all the way up until Thursday night, when I was finally done with work, packed, and ready to head up to Big Sur to spend the weekend camping with my PLP, her hubby, and a bunch of their friends. After that, I just rode the energy waves and, despite being surrounded by people, had a very introspective weekend.

Now, I'm back. And ever so grateful.

For my home. My home that I so often take for granted, but LOVE coming back to.

For my big comfy bed. The one with the awesome mattress, the collection of blankets and quilts that make for a perfect sleeping temperature regardless of the weather, the east-facing window that gives me beautiful sunrise views every day.

For my PLP. So generous. So easygoing. So sassy. Such an anchor for me. And for her awesome husband, who is basically my brother in law. {They are pictured above, enjoying the view.}

For the pile of new books awaiting me on my coffee table.

For the simple bliss of lying (and swinging) in a hammock.

For the experience of climbing and playing and exploring and splashing like kids.

For clean, cold, drinkable mountain water.

For the simplicity of olive oils infused with garlic, blood orange, or balsamic and soaked up by crusty bread.

For remembering how little we need in life to really be happy.

For the years of continuous camping I experienced as a child.

For opportunities to reset the pace of our lives- and regain balance.

For the reminder that there are a few things, when focused on in our daily lives, that make all the others fade. The reminder to bring those things to the top of the to-do list. The reminder that if we do, the rest of the details flow almost effortlessly.

For the time off and means to travel and vacation.

Have a wonderful Tuesday, friends!

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