Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thankful Thursday: The Love Is There

GIF of Jeff Jake and I in the car Bethany Grafton 2012

Thankful tonight.

~For my PLP. I told her I was lonely. She came over, even though she hasn't been feeling too hot. She brought ME flowers.
And listened to me gripe. And had me forgetting any pity party I was having earlier in a matter of minutes.

~For my brother Jeff, and the constant influx of positive texts I'm getting now that he has a new phone. He makes me smile.

~For Anne of Green Gables. That story really brings me back to what's (mostly WHO's) really important in life.
And we can all use a nice cry over our favorite touching movie scenes now and then, am I right?
Plus, I love the reminder that even a strong, successful woman can find love. I'm holding out for my Gilbert.

~For my 'Unchained Melody' station on Pandora. Lovin these oldies.

~For my blooming Night Jasmine. One of my absolute favorite smells.

~For my home. It's my sanctuary. I love coming up the stairs and through that door every day.

~For my healthy body, and my ability to walk down to the store to get groceries when I don't have a vehicle.

~For my recent discovery of how amazing roasted tomatoes on top of baked potatoes are.

~For my job. I know, I sound like a broken record. I guess I've just had so many jobs that were NOT amazing,
now that I have one I love (even in the midst of the trials and tribulations), I can't help but be grateful for it constantly!

~That I have such a huge, loving, diverse family.

~That I get to go up to Santa Cruz in a month and see two amazing people marry each other.

~That I get to go visit my wifey in September. We're going to have culinary adventures, get more tattoos, and go flying!

How about you?

{Image: Brother Jacob and I joking around in the car up in Idaho, with a cameo by brother Jeff}

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