Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Back In Gratitude

I've been lacking in the gratitude department lately, folks.
I've been focusing on everything that bugs me, the ways I feel trapped and inadequate.
A great recipe for feeling like poo.

Time to remember how good gratitude feels.

Tonight I'm thankful:

That I can text almost every member of my family any time I want to
For air conditioning in the heat
That the things I make myself feel guilty for (like the dishes piled in my sink right now) are very small in the scheme of things
For how well I'm doing at work. Still getting paid to learn and grow. Still loving what I do.
For my health insurance that allows me to go to the doc anytime I need to
For the fact that I rarely need to see a doctor
That my mom loves to catch a buzz and chat with me for hours
That the beer and laziness weight I've put on over the past few months can be easily shed with some discipline
The comfort of watching movies (especially cheesy old 80s and 90s movies!)
The humor in my favorite tv shows
The insight of a good book
That no matter how much of a funk I get in, this too shall pass
For the beautiful weather lately
For the way the pigeon who got trapped between a booth and a window the other day calmed when I talked to her like I used to talk to my chickens
(I was able to grab her and take her outside unharmed)
For buying cheap used movies on Amazon

How are your gratitude lives these days?

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