Sunday, October 7, 2012

Thankful Sunday: Practice

Hi, remember me? The girl who used to be so thankful all the time?

I almost thought I'd forgotten how to be thankful.

I was blaming people, and circumstances, and then myself, for my lack of gratitude in my daily life.

Fortunately, I want to remember. And wanting to is half the battle.

I'm pretty sure I can get back into the attitude of gratitude with a little practice.

So let's practice, shall we?

Thankful tonight:

For my generous, wise, hilarious, kind best friend. So lucky to have her!

That my PLP has such a great hubby. It's nice to have an adopted brother. One can really not have too many brothers, you know.

For the calm that comes over me when I listen to piano, guitar, or string instruments.

 For YouTube. It ain't no piano teacher, but it sure helps me to play by ear better!

For my frequent chats with my mom. For my mom in general really. She is there for me. She listens. She gives great advice. She makes me laugh.

That I get to spend more than eight days and nine nights with my precious family in Idaho next month.

That I get to celebrate my sister Andrea's and my brother Jeff's birthdays with them this year for the first time in a looooooooong time.

That our whole huge, loud, loving family will hopefully all be together for Thanksgiving.

That there really may be light at the end of this long, dark car tunnel at last.

That I have this ability to feel that is crippling at times, but it lets me know I'm alive and experiencing.

That when I admit I got myself where I am, and let go of the blame, self doubt, and excuses, I feel peaceful and empowered.

What about you guys, long lost blog reading friends? What are you grateful for this night? 

[images: Some easy tartlets I whipped up: I spread Apricot jam onto puff pastry, dolloped on some Ricotta, drizzled with honey, topped with strawberries, and baked. Yum!]

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  1. I once started a thankfulness journal, but didn't stick to it. I am thankful for my health, my BFF, my boyfriend and loving family, heating (it's getting cold), free time, coffee


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