Sunday, January 4, 2015


Sometimes a new year coincides with new goals and new energy for me. Sometimes not. This happens to be one that does. Two years ago marked a time of renewal and a major attitude shift- I'll blog about that some other time. Last year, there was already enough change going on externally, and I wasn't feeling the need to stir up too much on the inside.

So, 2015. What do I want from you? And what do I intend to put into you in return?

I think of it in terms of three categories: goals for this year, things I have already been working on, and what I've already got that I want more of. We'll start with the first for this post, shall we?

1. Get my private pilot certificate by July. This is a big one. A lot of peeps take up to a year. My braniac overachieving hubby did it in three months. Six months is a HUGE undertaking for me personally. I'll have to actually (gulp) commit to it and actually (double gulp) put in TIME and EFFORT.
2. Fly around the country this summer with my husband for a month or two and visit as many loved ones and rad places as possible. And when I say fly, I mean fly ourselves. In a small plane. With me doing as much of the actual flying as Ben.
3. Learn how to keep a fitness routine going when traveling. My life is already much more full of travel than it was a couple of years ago (when I was setting intentions to travel more :) and it's about to kick into travel overdrive for the foreseeable future. I've finally figured out how to get into a fitness routine, but it really is time to figure out how to keep it from being derailed by time away from home.
4. Remember- and practice- the art of redirecting thought. I have known for a long time that thoughts are energy that lead to manifestations. I also know that, unchecked, I tend to spend an inordinate amount of energy fretting over things that I just don't need to be fretting over. Time to come back to gently redirecting. Nudging my mind into happier, more useful places.
5. Get through six months of my current job without wasting energy stressing out over it (or the shortcomings of my boss). See #4 for help with this. Also remember: it's only 12 paychecks. 12 paychecks can be spent awfully quickly. So can the time. Not to mention, those 12 paychecks will be very helpful to us financially (especially with me flying- flying ain't cheap).
6. Enroll in school in Bangkok ahead of time so that I can begin soon after we arrive and are settled (oh, I hadn't told you? We're moving to Thailand this fall. No big deal. ;)
7. Find and engage in things that spark my creativity. This is really important to me. It's something I have felt very disconnected from for a long time. Not sure how to find my way back, but I shall.
8. Learn to learn effectively- move through my blocks and learn to have discipline and stick it out. Let go of my habit of calling myself not smart enough as an excuse for not doing the work. This one could be a post and a half in and of itself.

We'll see how I do. :)

{image: A wintry view out my window, taken with my iPhone and edited with Instagram.}

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