Monday, February 16, 2015

I Want/I Love 1.0

I don't recall if I've done many, if any, of these posts in the past (and to be honest I'm not inclined to go scrolling back through the archives right now). Regardless, I'd like them to be a regular feature here, since I make these lists in my notebooks regularly anyway. I'll call this the first one.

I may have told you that I have some words tattooed in calligraphy on the insides of my wrists. "I want.." on my left, and "I love.." on my right. (I know typically there are three periods in an ellipses, but I liked the look of just two for these tattoos. ;)

I got these tattoos when I was first learning of The Law of Attraction. I wanted a reminder of the simplest ways to get into alignment: focusing on the wanted (instead of the unwanted) and focusing on the positive (what I love/am grateful for).

It really works quite well for me. First I list everything that's on my mind that I want. Whether it's a fun daydream session, or there is a particular subject bothering me that I want to get clear about. Then, in order to activate those desires, and allow the universe to bring them into my experience, I have to let go. I have to bring my vibration into alignment. And a very good way of doing that is to then shift into focusing on everything that I love, and already have in my experience.

Here we go.

I Want...

To accept that I am right where I need to be right now.
To visit my bosom friend Natalia in New York this weekend.
To dive in and get an astonishing amount of progress made with work projects this week.
To continue practicing yoga on the days I don't go to barre class.
To start looking for things to love about DC.

I Love..
How much fun winter fashion is. So many layers- each piece goes so much further.
The cold weather in general. Sure, I love my 70 degrees and sunny days, too. But given the choice between cold and hot, cold is so much easier to handle.
Trader Joe's beef taquitos, baked crispy and slathered with green salsa.
My new habit of drinking hot water with lemon constantly. It keeps me warm and hydrated.
Going grocery shopping. Half of you will probably think I'm nuts, and the other half will enthusiastically cry "me, too!"

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