Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Activate and Align

Everything I want is already created. Here is what I want to activate and align with:

A healthy body. Healthy movement on a regular basis. Restful sleep. Strong, toned muscles. Energy throughout the days. A strong, radiant smile. Glowing, soft, clear skin. Fueling my life with wholesome, natural foods. Managing my hormones and brain chemistry holistically.

A happy, consistent vibrational practice. Looking for things that make me feel good. Reaching for thoughts that feel good. Looking at the circumstances of my life as a buffet and choosing what I like, leaving the rest. Noting positive aspects about people, places, things. Recognizing the good in me. Appreciating my connection to Source. Making my connection, my alignment, the top priority no matter what. Making it my mission to feel good. Controlling my experience through vibrational alignment. Practicing appreciation at every opportunity.

Fun. Enjoyment of new experiences. Enjoyment of reliable experiences. Laughter. Joking. Lightheartedness. Play. Imagination. Creativity just for fun. Being easy with people. Being easy with myself. Making life a fun game. Appreciating being joyful. Being contagiously happy.

Acceptance of where I am on my never-ending path. Knowing that I am right where I am supposed to be. Enjoying my alignment. Enjoying the process. Loving myself. Putting myself in situations conducive to learning and growing. Loving the contrast that is constantly flowing around and to me. Practicing directing my attention to what is wanted. Trusting that my life is on track.

Helping others to be the best versions of themselves they can be. Knowing that I cannot vibrate for them, but I can vibrate for me. Vibrating for myself and watching gleefully as others' lives are touched by mine in wonderful ways, just because of my commitment to my alignment.

The best relationship of my life. Continuous growth within it. Honesty. Trust. Love. Commitment. Appreciation. Inspiration. Contrast. Playfulness. Sex. Connection. Faith. Spirit. Alignment. For as long as it serves us both. A partner. Inside jokes. Support. Healing. Adventure. Exploration. Home. Co creating.

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