Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Time Management

So in my Freshman Seminar course we are talking about time management.

Which is great, because I seem to be TERRIBLE at it!

Does anyone else manage your time largely based on what you feel like doing in any given moment?

I have difficulty at times balancing the externally motivated part of me with the internally motivated part. Does that make sense?

External motivation: things like work (hello, needing income), class (hello, being over 30 and just now starting on my B.S. {how cool is it that my degree matches my initials, by the way?}), an empty fridge (slash empty belly).

Internal motivation: reading (absorbing new worlds, information, ideas), writing (the never ending process of figuring myself out slash sharing myself with the world), exercise (these days I do it because I love it and it makes me feel good).

We did the pickle jar demo in class today. You know the one. It makes sense to schedule your time that way. So why is it such a struggle for me?

Sometimes all I care about is the big picture. Sometimes all I care about is floating along, being in the moment.

I never know which kind of day I'm going to have. My husband and I joke that he married me because he loves a challenge, and he hates being bored. Pretty much, Bub- you should see what it's like INSIDE my head!

Yeah, that's the end of this post. No final thought.

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